Case Studies

Title Studying the online music phenomenon 
Organization Name Griffith University 
Dated March 2008 
Category Education 
Organization Type Educational Institution 
Country Australia 
Product NVivo 8 
Overview Jenine Beekhuyzen is a PhD student with Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. She is using NVivo 8 to examine the role the Internet plays in the music industry.  
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Jenine is examining the role the Internet plays in the music industry. Her research into the online music phenomenon looks at how technology is changing the way that consumers use music.

Her research focuses on how people access their music, from illegal downloading to ITunes-type purchases; how digital rights management plays a part; and how they are listening and interacting with their music through technology like iPods and MP3 or MP4 players.

"With NVivo 8, one thing that really caught my eye was the ability to code (analyze) audio transcripts directly from the actual audio. Then being able to put snippets of those recordings and other things into a webpage via HTML and present it at conferences or the like is a real wow factor.

“NVivo 8 charts will also allow me to do much more with my observation data than before. At the moment I am using Excel to produce them…but having this in NVivo 8 and being able to produce the charts within the program will be really valuable.

“I’m in the middle of collecting material from interviews and observations and focus groups. I have about 50 qualitative interviews with a range of people with lots of different styles, from industry experts to musicians to users. NVivo 8 will be helpful to bring those different perspectives together in the one place. The software lets you take it (analysis) so much further and actually play with the data and ask lots of questions.”

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